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At Castle School, we believe that every child has the potential to succeed, and we are committed to provide each and every one of our pupils an excellent education.

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Principal's Welcome

As we enter the academic year 2023/24 there is a new feel in the air at Castle School - one of enormous energy, excitement and positivity as we look forward to a vibrant and busy school year.

Since relocating in 2020 one of the toughest challenges we have faced has been rebuilding the true ‘sense of Castle School’ with all the wonderful parts that make up our truly inclusive family environment.  Not the easiest task in the post pandemic climate but we are there - Castle School of old is back.  Progress, growth and development are really important but retaining and cherishing our core values is essential.  When developing the idea of Castle School I had a very simple remit - it needed to offer a place where children could be safe, valued and thrive.  In 2009 they were and in 2023 they still are.  We adjust to meet new challenges but our ethos will always remain the same.

At Castle School we recognise and fully understand qualifications are a vital part of what we do and an enormous asset to our learners - our GCSE results are always strong - since opening 15 years ago we have topped the local schools ‘league’ and hope this will continue - we are constantly reviewing our teaching and learning and investing in exciting CPD for our staff team to ensure we maintain standards and keep abreast of educational developments.

What we further understand and fully subscribe to is a commitment to assist our pupils in becoming resilient, confident and kind learners with the self belief and self knowledge to navigate their way through this ever changing and increasingly complex world in which we live.

We are firm believers that learning outside the classroom is golden - it is a core part of our provision - it is what we do - in spades; in the community, on the sports field, in boats, in fields, on ski slopes, at home - in fact at every opportunity.

I am delighted the soul of Castle School is very much still with us.  Please take the time to watch this very short video - made in 2014 by a talented young graphic artist assisted by our pupils and staff.  At the time our home was a pretty run down Victorian school house and a 1960s prefab building but I think you will agree the joy, fun and spirit of our pupils shines through.

We now have a ‘campus’ with three sites offering provision from 2 years to 18 years - with our own cookery school, Activity space and Outdoor School - the school has grown and developed but the core ethos stands:  Learning should be joyous, inspiring and exciting.  At Castle School we are committed to these key components in our provision.

For further information, an informal chat and/or a look around our school please contact us via the website or call 01437 558010.

I wish everyone the very best for a productive, fun and joyful academic year in and out of the classroom.


Harriet Harrison


Castle School

Our Vision and Values

  • Provide individual support and guidance to our students

  • Equip our students with skills for life

  • Tailoring our education to fit each student's unique needs

  • Limit class sizes to provide a stress-free learning environment

  • Prioritise the emotional well-being of each child

  • Operate a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and any form of disruption

  • Encourage pupils to grow into confident adults through our specially designed Life Skills Programme

  • Build self-esteem and foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.


Then and now

Founded in 2009 by Mrs Harriet Harrison, the school was set up to provide reasonably priced education that combines the values of traditional grammar schools with inclusivity and tolerance.

Today the school continues to build on its foundations and its focus as an accessible alternative to mainstream education, serving the counties of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. 

As director and principal Mrs Harrison oversees the governance of the school in partnership with a well established and experienced school leadership team.


In addtion to the core leadership the school has an excellent pastoral team is made up of its lead, Mrs Becca Ward together with an ALNCo, student counsellor and range of support staff. 

School leadership

Our school has leaders that follow educational development stages;

  • Head of Prep - Julie Thorne

    • Foundation phase lead - Hayley Whitby​

    • KS2 lead - Carly Mounter

  • Senior school - Dan Harries & Dr Alan Riley

  • Sixth form - Saj Madni

Each of our leads brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their role, ensuring that every student receives the support and guidance they need to succeed. They work closely with our dedicated teaching and support staff to create a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages learning, exploration, and personal growth.

Whether your child is just starting out in our Pre-prep programme or is preparing to graduate from our Sixth form, you can trust that they'll receive the highest level of care and attention from our collegiate of heads. We're committed to helping our students reach their full potential, both academically and personally, and we believe that our management structure is key to achieving this goal.

The school has maintained a remarkable track record, consistently achieving over 97% A* to C grades at GCSE, surpassing the county average of approximately 65%. Castle School initially started in modest primary premises with only 23 pupils and 6 staff. However, it has since grown to accommodate roughly 200 pupils and employ about 35 staff members.


Three Dedicated Sites

Castle School comprises three distinct sites, including Glenover House, The Early Years Centre, and Sixth Form Centre. The primary location is Glenover House, where our Prep, Middle, and Senior schools are situated. Additionally, the Glenover House campus houses a magnificent space for the pupils to create a school garden and an outdoor school classroom. Moreover, we have a dedicated teaching kitchen at our Early Years Centre, accessible to the entire school as part of their academic curriculum.

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