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Additional Learning Needs

Castle School provides an inclusive and supportive environment. 

We are committed to being a non-selective and inclusive school, providing a nurturing  learning environment that supports the individual needs of all our pupils.


Not everyone learns in the same way and at the same pace. We recognise the importance of seeing each child as an individual. 


We offer individualised accelerated learning options for those who may need to work through subjects more quickly and to a higher level. We offer flexibility and choice to enable those with specific talents to excel in those areas. 


For those pupils facing challenges we pride ourselves in implementing swift and effective support so they can access our full curriculum. 


We believe in empowering all children to reach their full potential;  creating opportunities for every pupil to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Our school is proud to support pupils with a range of learning differences, including Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. We have personalised intervention programmes and resources in place to help these students excel academically and gain the confidence they need to succeed.


Our dedicated team work closely with parents and specialists to develop strategies and support plans that address the specific challenges some children may  face. 


Inclusive Ethos

In addition to supporting pupils with learning differences, we have supported very well some children with ASD, ADHD, and those with anxiety about attending school.

Our team will work closely with families to determine if we can meet their child's needs in these circumstances, as each child is uniquely different in their level of need and support needed. If we are not the right setting for a child’s best interests, or if meeting a child's needs affects the learning outcomes of others, we will try to support families to find alternative and more appropriate options.


Sometimes we may consider Castle School to be a setting that cannot meet a child’s needs effectively and we will discuss this with you in a transparent way and suggest alternative options. We reserve the right to make admission decisions in such circumstances. We believe strongly that every child should have access to the right resources and support tools for them personally. 

Our dedicated Senior School ALN coordinator, Sam Marshall, works closely with pupils and parents to provide intervention work, additional programmes, and suggestions for personalised accommodations. We also have a school counsellor to support those who require support surrounding anxiety related needs. 

Our prep teachers are trained to recognise specific learning needs and utilise appropriate strategies to facilitate optimal learning outcomes. Many of these additional supports are offered free of charge, while any potential costs will be thoroughly discussed with you before any further action is taken.

Westward House

Castle School works very closely with Michelle Dunne and Judith Livings at our sister school, Westward House in St Clears. Westward House was created to provide a different approach and setting that some children and young people needed. 


Michelle, who is the lead at Westward House, provides valuable assistance to us in all areas of additional needs, ASC/ADHD, and also assesses for exam access arrangements. Judith is also a very experienced level 7 specialist SpLD teacher, assessor in Dyslexia with experience in ASC and ADHD. 


In certain cases, we may consider Westward House would feel more comfortable and supportive to a child than Castle School. If this is the case, we are more than happy to arrange a meeting with Michelle to discuss this possibility.


For more information about Westward House School and to get a snapshot of what they can offer, please visit our website


At Castle School we strive to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment where everyone is given the best chance for success, offering equal opportunities in a culture of understanding and acceptance. 


If you feel your child needs a more individual approach contact us today to learn more about how we can offer support at Castle School or Westward House. 

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