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Discovery school: More than just outdoors!


From Prep to Year 8

For pupils from 3-13, our outdoor school called Discovery School, offers a unique and comprehensive approach to education, providing students with opportunities to learn and explore the natural world.


From forest school to Crest awards, John Muir awards, super curricular sports, horticulture, cookery, electronics, photography, and videography, our programme is designed to foster students' curiosity, skills, and passion for the environment.



Discovery School seeks to use elements and areas of our world which provide inspirational, valuable, and relevant learning in our modern lives. 

In a world where we have access to knowledge at our fingertips, it is essential the skills we teach are about accessing and using that knowledge. We support children to channel the information they learn in effective, productive, and appropriate ways. 

Discovery School uses the outdoors, the community, and the environment to assist here. Pupils apply their learning to life situations where they can consolidate and expand on principles and theories in an engaging and motivating way. 

We use the expertise and skill sets of staff across the school to enhance sessions by sharing their knowledge and passions for a particular subject with our young minds. Sessions are engaging and creative and help pupils experience a wider range of teaching styles in readiness for KS3 learning.

Teamwork, working together across year groups, and celebrating success are all part of of our innovative Discovery School. This reinforces our collaborative whole school community, where people work together, support each other, and learn from each other.



These sessions give our pupils opportunities to learn about, visit and help various sectors within our local community where they gain an understanding and empathy for a diverse range of people.  

They develop an awareness of not only how they can support others, but also how they can be supported by the wider community.  Activities include hosting a meal, entertaining both old and young, planning and putting on a charity event and a variety of visiting speakers and visits to community organisations.


Hands On

We believe in the benefits of our hands-on approach to learning, including the development of critical thinking skills, physical fitness, teamwork, leadership, and environmental stewardship.


With a wide range of activities, our programme is designed to cater to diverse interests and talents, providing a well-rounded and enriching educational experience for our students.


The Environment

At our outdoor school, we believe in empowering students to become confident, resilient, and environmentally-conscious individuals who are prepared to thrive in the 21st century.


Our programme's unique offerings and highlights the transformative impact it can have on students' lives.  Join us in shaping the next generation of learners through our dynamic outdoor school programme.

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